Disposable Heroes: Vista (Royals Crew)

My intentions for this project were initially to send out 10 cameras to writers near and far and ask them to document their activities. Many were sent out in the mail, some returned, others disappeared without a trace. The results however have always been interesting and have convinced me to carry the series on.

This tenth instalment is brought to us by Vista, from the spanish Royals Crew (who ought to be well known by any self-respecting reader of this blog). Seeing as disposable cameras are somewhat limited in capacity to produce “artistic” photos, Vista has really pushed the envelope with this one. Make sure you also check out his blog at Goodfellas Magazine. Enjoy.

CNV00003 CNV00004 CNV00010 CNV00011 CNV00012 CNV00013 CNV00014 CNV00015 CNV00016 CNV00018 CNV00020 CNV00022 CNV00025 CNV00026 CNV00027 CNV00030 CNV00031 CNV00032 CNV00034 CNV00036

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