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WARNING: You will need to be semi-literate to enjoy this post.

Trainwriters are nerds at heart. Socially awkward, obsessive, stigmatised. Why else would you spend hours poring over timetables, study endless maps, or stake out layups without even necessarily having paint on you? Because the pleasure of gaining information is sometimes an end in itself. Which brings me to this interesting article about Ichabod. Starting out as a trainspotter (railfan for the yankees), over time establishing himself as one of the most prolific freight-writers in North America, Ichabod performed a bit of self analysis and realised he suffered from Aspergers syndrome. As someone who works with autistic young people on a regular basis it is refreshing to read about how the condition manifests itself in a writer. Read the article here, and ask yourself whether you recognize any of your own behaviour patterns or those of people you know.

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